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Table 1 Demographics and clinic-pathologic characteristics (n = 139)

From: Impact of preoperative risk factors on outcome after gastrectomy

CharacteristicsNumber of patientsPercentage
Preoperative tumor findings
 Mean age64 (24–91) years old
  Adenosquamous carcinoma10.7%
 Tumor stage
 Nodal stage
  uN positive6949.6%
  uN negative6949.6%
 Mean tumor size3 (0.2–30) cm
 Neoadjuvant therapy
 Response to neoadjuvant therapy (n = 57)
  Clinical response (yes)4375.4%
  Clinical response (no)1424.6%
  Pathologic response (yes)3154%
  Pathologic response (no)2645.6%
 Intraoperative blood loss
  ≤ 100 ml4129.5%
  101–500 ml6647.5%
  501–1000 ml2920.9%
  ≥ 1001 ml32.2%
  Hand suture4330.9%
Postoperative tumor findings
 Tumor stage
 Nodal stage
 Resection margin
 Histological grading
 Lymph nodes removed (mean)23 (4–60)
  Lymph node invasion
 Invasion into vein
Median hospital stay (range)14 (1–120) days
In-hospital mortality42.9%
Survival rate5.6 years
Recurrence (n = 120)
Recurrence-free survival3.4 years