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Table 1 GO function node list (top 3) significantly enriched by upregulated and downregulated DEGs

From: Prognostic biomarkers related to breast cancer recurrence identified based on Logit model analysis

  Category Term Count p value
Upregulation BP GO:0006955~immune response 67 1.270E−27
GO:0006952~defense response 45 1.130E−13
GO:0019882~antigen processing and presentation 14 9.100E−09
CC GO:0044459~plasma membrane part 75 9.160E−08
GO:0005887~integral to plasma membrane 45 6.820E−06
GO:0005886~plasma membrane 103 7.390E−06
MF GO:0019955~cytokine binding 10 2.910E−04
GO:0008236~serine-type peptidase activity 10 8.588E−03
GO:0017171~serine hydrolase activity 10 9.209E−03
KEGG hsa04514:Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) 15 9.070E−06
hsa04612:Antigen processing and presentation 12 1.040E−05
hsa04062:Chemokine signaling pathway 17 3.180E−05
Downregulation BP GO:0045137~development of primary sexual characteristics 5 8.024E−03
GO:0009968~negative regulation of signal transduction 6 1.340E−02
GO:0007548~sex differentiation 5 1.409E−02
CC GO:0044456~synapse part 7 1.228E−02
GO:0045202~synapse 8 2.139E−02
GO:0005761~mitochondrial ribosome 3 3.516E−02
MF GO:0048306~calcium-dependent protein binding 3 1.372E−02
GO:0005509~calcium ion binding 14 1.696E−02
GO:0008083~growth factor activity 5 2.078E−02
KEGG hsa04514:Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) 3 2.108E−02
hsa04150:mTOR signaling pathway 2 2.884E−02
hsa03018:RNA degradation 2 3.115E−02