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Table 2 Previous reports of epithelioid angiosarcoma. Four primary epithelioid angiosarcoma in the jaw region and three cases of metastatic epithelioid angiosarcoma have been reported

From: Primary epithelioid angiosarcoma originating from the mandibular gingiva: a case report of an extremely rare oral lesion

Author Age Sex Primary Metastases Clinical oral findings Clinical course
Fletcher et al. 1991 [15] 63 M Buttock Aorta, maxilla Details unknown No evidence of disease (30 months)
Freedman et al. 1992 [13] 32 M Maxilla - Painless swelling of the left side of the hard palate No evidence of disease (1.8 months)
Sasaki et al. 1996 [11] 69 M Maxilla Stomach, cerebrum, thoracic Complaints of pain and swelling of the left maxilla Died of the disease (9 months)
Triantafillidou et al. 2002 [14] 50 F Maxilla - A painless swelling of the left maxilla No evidence of disease (36 months)
Kawasaki et al. 2005 [16] 71 M Scapula, Widespread Mandible Painless buccal gingival swelling in the left lower molar region Died of the disease (1 month)
Peacock et al. 2014 [17] 64 M Kidney Mandibular condyle Pain in the temporomandibular joint pain, and a malocclusion No evidence of disease (30 months)
Nagata et al. 2014 [2] 55 M Mandible Thoracic, vertebrae Rapidly expanding, bluish, hemorrhagic, and fragile mass Died of the disease (9 months)
Present case 2020 66 M Mandible - Rapidly expanding, bluish, hemorrhagic, and fragile mass No evidence of disease (24 months)