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Table 2 The KEGG function enrichment analysis of four most significant MCODE components

From: Integrated analysis of RNA-binding proteins in human colorectal cancer

List ID Description Count p value p.adjust
Sub-network1 hsa03008 Ribosome biogenesis in eukaryotes 19 1.84E−32 3.68E−32
Sub-network2 hsa03040 Spliceosome 13 4.08E−13 2.85E−12
hsa03013 RNA transport 12 1.00E−10 3.51E−10
hsa03015 mRNA surveillance pathway 7 5.47E−07 1.28E−06
hsa03010 Ribosome 5 0.001767902 0.003093829
Sub-network3 hsa03018 RNA degradation 5 4.75E−10 4.75E−10