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Table 1 The GO function enrichment analysis of four most significant MCODE components

From: Integrated analysis of RNA-binding proteins in human colorectal cancer

Ontology ID Description Count p value p.adjust
Sub-network 1
 BP GO:0042254 Ribosome biogenesis 46 1.57E−74 5.06E−72
 BP GO:0016072 rRNA metabolic process 43 7.30E−73 1.18E−70
 BP GO:0006364 rRNA processing 42 2.21E−71 2.38E−69
 CC GO:0030684 Preribosome 27 5.03E−51 1.71E−49
 CC GO:0034455 t-UTP complex 18 2.51E−33 4.26E−32
 CC GO:0032040 Small-subunit processome 15 5.16E−29 5.84E−28
 MF GO:0140098 Catalytic activity, acting on RNA 20 8.42E−19 6.90E−17
 MF GO:0003724 RNA helicase activity 12 2.62E−17 1.08E−15
 MF GO:0030515 snoRNA binding 8 1.60E−14 4.38E−13
Sub-network 2
 BP GO:0000377 RNA splicing, via transesterification reactions with bulged adenosine as nucleophile 21 7.37E−26 1.03E−23
 BP GO:0000398 mRNA splicing, via spliceosome 21 7.37E−26 1.03E−23
 BP GO:0000375 RNA splicing, via transesterification reactions 21 8.71E−26 1.03E−23
 CC GO:0071013 Catalytic step 2 spliceosome 13 6.97E−22 6.62E−20
 CC GO:0000974 Prp19 complex 13 2.03E−21 9.66E−20
 CC GO:0005682 U5 snRNP 13 3.10E−19 9.83E−18
 MF GO:0090079 Translation regulator activity, nucleic acid binding 10 2.82E−14 2.23E−12
 MF GO:0003743 Translation initiation factor activity 8 1.54E−13 4.37E−12
 MF GO:0008135 Translation factor activity, RNA binding 9 1.66E−13 4.37E−12
Sub-network 3
 BP GO:0000460 Maturation of 5.8S rRNA 6 5.04E−18 5.24E−16
 BP GO:0034427 Nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, exonucleolytic, 3′-5′ 4 6.22E−13 3.23E−11
 BP GO:0043629 ncRNA polyadenylation 4 1.47E−12 3.67E−11
 CC GO:1905354 Exoribonuclease complex 6 2.17E−18 3.69E−17
 CC GO:0000176 Nuclear exosome (RNase complex) 5 1.50E−15 1.27E−14
 CC GO:0000178 Exosome (RNase complex) 5 1.03E−14 5.82E−14
 MF GO:0017091 AU-rich element binding 3 7.07E−08 8.18E−07
 MF GO:0000175 3′-5′-Exoribonuclease activity 3 1.29E−07 8.18E−07
 MF GO:0016896 Exoribonuclease activity, producing 5′-phosphomonoesters 3 1.54E−07 8.18E−07
Sub-network 4
 BP GO:0051028 mRNA transport 6 2.64E−13 1.90E−11
 BP GO:0050657 Nucleic acid transport 6 1.13E−12 2.23E−11
 BP GO:0050658 RNA transport 6 1.13E−12 2.23E−11
 CC GO:0000346 Transcription export complex 3 5.69E−09 9.11E−08
 CC GO:0016607 Nuclear speck 4 2.35E−06 1.88E−05
 CC GO:0000784 Nuclear chromosome, telomeric region 2 0.000588204 0.003137089