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Table 1 GO term enrichment analysis of DEGs

From: Identification of six candidate genes for endometrial carcinoma by bioinformatics analysis

Term P value Genes
Biological process
 GO:0030198~extracellular matrix organization 2.87E−06 CRISPLD2, FBN1, NID1, COL1A1, SPARC, COL5A1, SPP1
 GO:0032355~response to estradiol 3.72E−05 ALDH1A2, SOCS2, PTCH1, COL1A1, PTEN
 GO:0003007~heart morphogenesis 3.95E−05 FLRT2, ALDH1A2, PTCH1, COL5A1
 GO:0030199~collagen fibril organization 7.20E−05 TNXB, TNXA, COL1A1, COL5A1
 GO:0045893~positive regulation of transcription, DNA-templated 7.81E−05 FOXL2, OSR2, GDF7, IGF1, PTCH1, COL1A1, TBL1X, WT1
 GO:0007507~heart development 5.49E−04 EDNRA, FBN1, SPARC, PTEN, WT1
 GO:0000122~negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter 6.09E−04 FOXL2, OSR2, PTCH1, FOSB, ZEB1, TBL1X, WT1, PEG3
 GO:0045944~positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter 7.55E−04 FOXL2, OSR2, NDN, IGF1, FOSB, ZEB1, TBL1X, WT1, PEG3
 GO:0008285~negative regulation of cell proliferation 1.29E−03 ALDH1A2, NDN, SFRP4, ZEB1, PTEN, WT1
 GO:0007155~cell adhesion 2.46E−03 ISLR, TNXB, COL1A1, CXCL12, COL5A1, SPP1
 GO:0001568~blood vessel development 2.83E−03 ALDH1A2, COL1A1, COL5A1
 GO:0001658~branching involved in ureteric bud morphogenesis 3.45E−03 PTCH1, DCHS1, WT1
 GO:0043434~response to peptide hormone 3.78E−03 COL1A1, SPARC, CXCL12
 GO:0051591~response to cAMP 4.12E−03 COL1A1, FOSB, SPARC
 GO:0009612~response to mechanical stimulus 6.70E−03 PTCH1, FOSB, CXCL12
 GO:0030324~lung development 1.09E−02 ALDH1A2, CRISPLD2, SPARC
 GO:0022617~extracellular matrix disassembly 1.09E−02 FBN1, NID1, SPP1
 GO:0032964~collagen biosynthetic process 1.24E−02 COL1A1, COL5A1
 GO:0045606~positive regulation of epidermal cell differentiation 1.45E−02 SFRP4, PTCH1
 GO:0008284~positive regulation of cell proliferation 1.55E−02 ALDH1A2, OSR2, CD248, IGF1, PTEN
 GO:0071711~basement membrane organization 1.66E−02 FLRT2, NID1
 GO:0032836~glomerular basement membrane development 1.86E−02 NID1, WT1
 GO:0002576~platelet degranulation 1.94E−02 ISLR, IGF1, SPARC
 GO:0048853~forebrain morphogenesis 2.07E−02 GDF7, PTEN
 GO:0048048~embryonic eye morphogenesis 2.07E−02 FOXL2, FBN1
 GO:0060322~head development 2.07E−02 EDNRA, OSR2
 GO:0006366~transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter 2.13E−02 FOXL2, OSR2, NDN, FOSB, WT1
 GO:0043065~positive regulation of apoptotic process 2.42E−02 ALDH1A2, FOXL2, SFRP4, WT1
 GO:0042493~response to drug 2.51E−02 PTCH1, COL1A1, FOSB, PTEN
 GO:0007417~central nervous system development 2.58E−02 NDN, ZEB1, PTEN
 GO:0014032~neural crest cell development 2.68E−02 EDNRA, ALDH1A2
 GO:0001501~skeletal system development 3.30E−02 FBN1, IGF1, COL1A1
 GO:0048738~cardiac muscle tissue development 3.49E−02 ALDH1A2, PTEN
 GO:0008283~cell proliferation 4.02E−02 EDNRA, IGF1, ZEB1, PTEN
 GO:0017015~regulation of transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathway 4.09E−02 LTBP4, ZEB1
 GO:0007411~axon guidance 4.32E−02 FLRT2, GDF7, CXCL12
 GO:0016477~cell migration 4.98E−02 CD248, PTEN, COL5A1
Cellular component
 GO:0005578~proteinaceous extracellular matrix 3.29E−08 FLRT2, TNXB, TNXA, CRISPLD2, CD248, LTBP4, FBN1, SPARC, COL5A1
 GO:0005576~extracellular region 6.52E−07 CFB, GDF7, LTBP4, FBN1, IGF1, NID1, SPARC, PTEN, CXCL12, COL5A1, ISLR, CRISPLD2, SFRP4, COL1A1, SPP1
 GO:0005615~extracellular space 4.26E−06 FLRT2, TNXB, GDF7, CFB, LTBP4, SFRP4, FBN1, IGF1, COL1A1, SPARC, CXCL12, RAMP1, SPP1
 GO:0031012~extracellular matrix 2.38E−04 TNXB, LTBP4, FBN1, NID1, COL1A1, COL5A1
 GO:0005604~basement membrane 4.64E−04 FBN1, NID1, SPARC, COL5A1
 GO:0070062~extracellular exosome 1.41E−03 FLRT2, TNXB, TNXA, CFB, LTBP4, CD248, FBN1, NID1, CXCL12, SLC7A5, COL5A1, ISLR, CRISPLD2, SPP1
 GO:0031093~platelet alpha granule lumen 4.99E−03 ISLR, IGF1, SPARC
 GO:0042995~cell projection 9.11E−03 NDN, PTEN, SPP1
Molecular function
 GO:0005178~integrin binding 5.03E−05 TNXB, LTBP4, FBN1, IGF1, COL5A1
 GO:0008201~heparin binding 2.57E−04 TNXB, CRISPLD2, FBN1, PTCH1, COL5A1
 GO:0005201~extracellular matrix structural constituent 2.99E−04 TNXB, FBN1, COL1A1, COL5A1
 GO:0050840~extracellular matrix binding 1.17E−03 CD248, SPARC, SPP1
 GO:0005509~calcium ion binding 2.39E−03 SLC24A3, CD248, LTBP4, FBN1, NID1, SPARC, DCHS1
 GO:0001077~transcriptional activator activity, RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific binding 1.08E−02 FOXL2, NDN, FOSB, WT1
 GO:0043394~proteoglycan binding 2.13E−02 NID1, COL5A1
 GO:0048407~platelet-derived growth factor binding 2.13E−02 COL1A1, COL5A1
 GO:0005159~insulin-like growth factor receptor binding 2.89E−02 SOCS2, IGF1
 GO:0008083~growth factor activity 3.98E−02 GDF7, IGF1, CXCL12