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Table 3 Early and late complications after the combination therapy of surgery and IORT

From: Low-kilovolt x-ray intraoperative radiotherapy for pT3 locally advanced colon cancer: a single-institution retrospective analysis

ComplicationTotal (number)
Early (30 days)4
 Anastomotic leak/abscess/fistula1
 Small bowel obstruction0
 Wound infection or breakdown2
 Ureteral injury0
Late(> 30 day)3
 Peripheral neuropathy0
 Small bowel obstruction3
 Ureteral obstruction0
 Wound infection/breakdown0
 Fistula with abscess0
 Bladder dysfunction0
 Sexual dysfunction0
 Pelvic or abdominal abscess0
There was no severe toxicity (CTCAE grades 3 or 4) related to the multimodality therapy