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Table 2 Clinicopathologic features of patients with normal mucosa or PanIN-1 and those with PanIN-2 or PanIN-3 at the PTM

From: Clinical impacts of resection margin status and clinicopathologic parameters on pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

ParametersNormal mucosa and PanIN-1 (n = 57)PanIN-2 and PanIN-3 (n = 21)P value
Median age (range)69 (45–85)69 (56–90)0.257
Tumor location
 Body and tail246
Differentiation grade of PDAC
Differentiation grade of PDAC
TNM stage
Tumor size
Microvascular invasion
Lymphatic permeation
Perineural invasion
Nodal metastasis
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Adjuvant chemotherapy
Postoperative radiotherapy
  1. Patients with invasive cancer at any resection margins other than the PTM are excluded. PanIN pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia, PTM pancreatic transection margin, PDAC pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, G1 well-differentiated carcinoma, G2 moderately differentiated carcinoma, G3 poorly differentiated carcinoma, G4 undifferentiated carcinoma