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Table 1 Clinicopathologic findings of the study population. M1: 10× hepatic metastasis, 1× metastasis to the ovary, 1× metastasis in the large omentum, and 1× metastasis in a distant lymph node

From: Peritoneal spillage is not an issue in patients undergoing minimally invasive surgery for colorectal cancer

FeaturesNumber of cases (%)
Tumor location
 Right colon26 (35.7)
 Left colon22 (30.1)
 Rectum25 (34.2)
AJCC stage
 T1/T220 (27.4)
 T346 (63.0)
 T407 (9.6)
Nodal status
 N046 (63.0)
 N114 (19.2)
 N213 (17.8)
Distant metastasis
 M060 (82.2)
 M113 (17.8)