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Table 2 Meta-analysis results of all available studies in measured outcomes

From: Comparison of effect between nasobiliary drainage and biliary stenting in malignant biliary obstruction: a systematic review and updated meta-analysis

Measured outcomesSubgroupNo. studiesNo. patientsHeterogeneity testModelRR/WMD95% CIPBegg’s test Egger’s test
    I2(%)P    Pr > |z|*Pr > |z|**P > |t|*
Preoperative cholangitisTotal9813 vs. 62219.10.273Random0.460.34, 0.62< 0.0010.4040.4660.73
 HCC2145 vs. 5381.50.02Random0.50.19, 1.30.156------
 DBO4535 vs. 43917.40.259Random0.380.26, 0.57< 0.0010.1740.3080.282
Preoperative pancreatitisTotal7750 vs. 50800.929Fixed0.690.50, 0.950.0230.88110.551
 HCC2145 vs. 5300.999Fixed0.670.30, 1.470.314------
 DBO3485 vs. 36700.825Fixed0.740.50, 1.120.1520.60210.603
Stent dysfunction rateTotal6464 vs. 43738.60.149Random0.580.43, 0.80.0010.1880.260.311
 HCC2145 vs. 5300.319Random0.480.35, 0.67< 0.001------
 DBO2204 vs. 29126.30.244Random0.590.39, 0.900.015------
MorbidityTotal5231 vs. 18800.418Fixed0.770.64, 0.930.0070.1420.2210.163
POPFTotal3170 vs. 1607.70.338Fixed0.650.45, 0.920.0160.60210.536
  1. HCC hilar cholangiocarcinoma; DBO distant biliary obstruction; POPF postoperative pancreatic fistula; No.number of; RR risk ratio; WMD weighted mean difference; CI confidence interval
  2. *P value
  3. **P value (continuity corrected)
  4. --Not applicable