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Table 1 Basic characteristics and quality assessment of enrolled documents

From: Comparison of effect between nasobiliary drainage and biliary stenting in malignant biliary obstruction: a systematic review and updated meta-analysis

 CountryStudy designPeriod of studyType of PBDCaseSex (M/F)AgeQuality (NOS)
Fujii T [8]JapanPC2008-2014ENBD5030/2066.5 (39-83)7
    EBS7246/2667 (38-84) 
Huang X [9]ChinaRC2005-2014ENBD185/1360.6 ± 8.47
    EBS3710/2758.1 ± 8.3 
Jo JH [10]KoreaRC2005-2012ENBD138/1358.9 (42-77)5
    EBS4223/1961.1 (29-80)
Kawakami [11]JapanRC1999-2009ENBD6044/1671 (45–81)7
   EBS204/1670 (59–77) 
Kawakubo [12]JapanRC2009-2014ENBD8574/4469 ± 96
Nakai Y [13]JapanRC2010-2014ENBD281189/9271 (64-76)7
    EBS7647/2970 (65-74) 
Sasahira [14]JapanRC2010-2012ENBD16664/10270 (63-76)7
    EBS25364/18969 (62-75) 
Sugiyama [15]JapanRC2008-2012ENBD38  6
Zhang G [16]ChinaRC2009-2016ENBD10258/4455.26 ± 9.077
    EBS5129/2256.24 ± 9.65
  1. EBS endoscopic biliary stenting, ENBD endoscopic nasobililary drainage, NA not available, NOS Newcastle-Ottawa Score, RC retrospective clinical study, PC prospective clinical study