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Table 1 Clinical characteristic of 41 cases with leiomyosarcoma of the colon

From: A pooled analysis of risk factors of surgically treated leiomyosarcoma of the colon in adults

Authors and yearSex/age (years)LocationSymptomDiameter (cm)TreatmentGross appearanceRecurrence/metastasisSurvival (months)
Golden T and Stout AP. [1]M/78SAbdominal painNASurgeryNA−/−Alive, 12
MacKenzie DA et al. [4]M/72AAbdominal painNASurgeryNA−/−Alive, 21
MacKenzie DA et al. [4]F/57TAbdominal painNASurgeryNA−/−Alive, 21
MacKenzie DA et al. [4]F/56TAbdominal painNASurgeryNA−/−Alive, 108
MacKenzie DA et al. [4]F/55SAbdominal painNASurgeryNANA/NADead, 6
Marshall SF and Cherry JW [5]F/43TAbdominal mass21SurgeryNANA/NADead, 10
Marshall SF and Cherry JW [5]F/60SAbdominal mass7.5SurgeryNANA/NADead, 14
Rogers V [6]M/39AAbdominal pain3SurgeryPolypoid−/−Alive, 14
Lookanoff VA and Tsapralis PC [7]M/77ADrowsinessNASurgeryNANA/NADead, 5
Yamakawa T and Hasebe M [8]F/46TAbdominal mass8.5SurgeryNA−/−Alive, 20
Monga NK et al. [9]F/45ANA30SurgeryNA−/−Alive, 6
Astarjian NK et al. [10]F/74ABloody stools10SurgeryNA+/−Alive, 16
Rao B K et al. [11]F/58AAbdominal pain17SurgeryNA−/multiple regionsAlive, 26
Stavorovsky M et al. [2]F/52TAbdominal pain12SurgeryNA−/−Alive, 60
Suzuki A et al. [12]M/33DBloody stool13.5SurgeryDumbbell+/−Dead, 8
Iwasa K et al. [13]F/70AAbdominal pain10SurgeryIntramuralNA/NAAlive, 12
Luna-Pérez P et al. [14]F/44CAbdominal painNASurgeryNA+/peritoneum, liverDead, 18
Luna-Pérez P et al. [14]M/47TOcclusionNASurgeryNA−/−Alive, 6
Miettinen M et al. [15]M/54DRectal bleeding3.2SurgeryPolypoidNA/NADead, 37
Miettinen M et al. [15]M/61ARectal bleeding4.2SurgerySessile−/−Alive, 141
Miettinen M et al. [15]M/75AAnemia6.5SurgeryPlaqueNA/NADead, 6
Miettinen M et al. [15]F/76CAnemia7.8SurgeryMultinodularNA/NADead, 7
Miettinen M et al. [15]F/36SAlternating constipation6.5SurgeryPolypoid−/lungDead, 38
Miettinen M et al. [15]M/66AAbdominal massNASurgeryPolypoid−/liverDead, 19
Miettinen M et al. [15]M/41CRectal bleeding7.5SurgeryPedunculated−/humerusAlive, 185
Miettinen M et al. [15]M/65DNA10SurgeryPolypoid−/visceralDead, 28
Michalopoulos A et al. [15]F/67TOcclusion5.7SurgeryPolypoid−/−Alive, 12
Resch T et al. [18]M/56CNANASurgeryNA−/liverAlive, 68
Yamamoto H et al. [19]F/94DNA25SurgeryType 2−/liverDead, 7
Yamamoto H et al. [19]M/56SNA1SurgeryIntramural−/−Alive, 60
Yamamoto H et al. [19]F/78SNA8.5SurgeryType 2−/lungDead, 16
Yaren A et al. [24]F/66TAbdominal pain4Surgery + chemoPolypoid−/−Alive, 33
Samie A et al. [24]M/65SAbdominal pain2.7SurgeryNA−/−Alive, 12
Kono M et al. [22]M/46TAbdominal pain11.8SurgeryType 2+/liverAlive, 30
Kiran P et al. [23]M/54AAbdominal pain13Surgery + chemoIntramural+/−Alive, 6
Janevski V et al. [24]M/59ANA10SurgeryExophytic−/−Alive, 8
Kim VM et al. [25]M/82CPainless melenic stools2.2SurgeryPolypoid−/−Alive, 14
Akutsu D et al. [26]F/51DAbdominal mass4SurgeryType 2−/−Alive, 31
Yang J et al. [27]F/55AAbdominal pain8SurgeryExophytic−/−Alive, 5
Devriendt S et al. [28]M/53SAsymptomatic3.8SurgeryNA−/−Alive, 15
Yahagi M et al. [29]M/46SHematochezia4.2SurgeryPolypoid−/−Alive, 17
  1. A ascending colon, C cecum, D descending colon, F female, M male, T transverse colon, S sigmoid colon, NA not available