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Table 2 Functional enrichment analysis of the overlapping DEGs

From: Identification of key differentially expressed genes and gene mutations in breast ductal carcinoma in situ using RNA-seq analysis

GO TermGene CountsTF Genesp value
Downregulated overlapping DEGs
Translation38 3.88E-06
Positive regulation of programmed cell death41HIP1, ID3, IFI16, NR3C1, PML, RXRA, TP53BP21.36E-04
RNA processing46 7.09E-04
Regulation of cell migration20 8.03E-04
Negative regulation of cell proliferation33ESR2, NKX3-1, NME2, PML, RXRA0.001239
Regulation of lipid metabolic process15NR3C1, NR5A1, PPARA0.001380
Cell adhesion52LEF1, NME20.004558
JNK cascade9 0.008755
Cellular protein localization33 0.008962
Response to hormone stimulus30ESR2, PPARA, RXRA0.010205
Upregulated overlapping DEGs
Positive regulation of tumor necrosis factor production4 0.005861
Regulation of tumor necrosis factor production5 0.007442
Response to lipopolysaccharide7NKX2-10.013341
Small GTPase mediated signal transduction15 0.024022
Cytokine production5 0.028739
Regulation of phosphate metabolic process20 0.040473
Regulation of cAMP biosynthetic process7 0.043362
Blood circulation10 0.047845
  1. DEGs differentially expressed genes, TF transcription factor, GO gene ontology