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Table 6 Multivariate logistic regression analysis evaluating possible risk factors associated with recurrence

From: Left colon as a novel high-risk factor for postoperative recurrence of stage II colon cancer

 Rectal CancerColon Cancer
Odds ratio95% CIpOdds ratio95% CIp
Gender1.2590.587-2.700.5540.8790.453- 1.7040.702
Age, year0.9830.953 -1.0140.2701.0170.985-1.0500.300
T4 vs T33.8671.547-9.6630.0043.2221.238-8.3900.017
CEA (ng/mL)1.0111.000-1.0210.0481.0101.003 -1.0170.004
Tumor locationRb vs Ra, RSLeft colon vs Right colon
0.8250.411- 1.6510.5892.1911. 091-4.4000.027
  1. Tumor location*: Rectal cancer (Rb & Ra, RS). Ra rectum above the peritoneal reflection, Rb rectum below the peritoneal reflection, RS rectosigmoid. Colon cancer: Left colon (Descending colon, sigmoid colon) & Right colon( Cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon)