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Table 1 Clinical and pathological characteristics of patients with localized melanoma

From: Time-varying pattern of recurrence risk for localized melanoma in China

Age (years)
Clinical subtypes
Anatomic site for mucosal melanoma
 Head and neck18863.1
 Genitourinary tract6421.5
 Digestive tract4214.1
 Respiratory tract41.3
AJCC stage (for cutaneous melanoma only)
Ulceration (for cutaneous melanoma only)
Primary tumor thickness (for cutaneous melanoma only)
 ≤ 4.0 mm22831.9
 > 4.0 mm35449.6
 Not available13218.5
Regional lymph node metastasis (for cutaneous melanoma only)
Wound infection after surgery (for cutaneous melanoma only)
Adjuvant therapy for cutaneous melanoma
 Interferon a-2b24634.5
Adjuvant therapy for mucosal melanoma
 Interferon a-2b4113.8
  1. CSD melanoma on skin with chronic sun-induce damage, non-CSD melanoma on skin without chronic sun-induced damage