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Table 2 Operative outcome

From: Risk factors for delayed perineal wound healing and its impact on prolonged hospital stay after abdominoperineal resection

 No. (%)Range (SD)
Median operation time (mins)240115–590 (83.1)
Median blood loss (mL)25030–2300 (349.9)
Laparoscopic operation28 (12.2) 
Resection of adjacent pelvic organs32 (14.0) 
Perineal wound-related complication91 (39.7) 
 Delayed wound healing (>30 days)86 (37.6) 
 Superficial infection27 (11.8) 
 Dehiscence22 (9.6) 
 Deep or pelvic abscess7 (3.1) 
 Persistent discharging sinus3 (1.3) 
 Bleeding3 (1.3) 
 Pressure sore1 (0.4) 
Re-operation for perineal wounds9 (3.9) 
Median perineal wound healing time (days)239–578 (65.1)
Median hospital stay (days)138–57 (7.9)