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Table 2 Comparison of clinicopathological variables between the year groups

From: Chronological changes and trend of breast cancer clinics and pathology among Iranian women during 22 years from the largest breast cancer registry in Iran

VariablesYear diagnosis groupp value
  1993–2005 (n = 690)2006–2011 (n = 1871)2012–2017 (n = 3020) 
Breast side involvement—no. (%)Right336 (50.1)885 (48.0)1456 (48.4)0.62
 Left334 (49.9)960 (52.0)1555 (51.6) 
Age of first presentation—yrs 47.40 ± 10.34a49.12 ± 11.70b49.43 ± 12.07b< 0.001
Tumor size—cm 2.82 ± 1.69a2.91 ± 1.49a2.66 ± 1.52b< 0.001
T—no. (%)†≤ 2376 (54.7)a842 (45.0)b1576 (52.2)a< 0.001
 < 2 ≤ 5283 (41.1)a931 (49.8)b1327 (43.9)a 
 > 529 (4.2)a, b98 (5.2)b118 (3.9)a 
N—no. (%)†≤ 3532 (77.4)1419 (76.3)2319 (76.9)0.75
 <3 < 10103 (15.0)269 (14.5)432 (14.3) 
 ≥ 1052 (7.6)172 (9.2)265 (8.8) 
Stage—no. (%)016 (3.0)a51 (3.2)a88 (3.3)a< 0.001
 1126 (24.0)a300 (19.0)b653 (24.8)a 
 2254 (48.4)a, b787 (49.7)b1185 (45.1)a 
 3127 (24.2)a426 (26.9)a646 (24.6)a 
 42 (0.4)a18 (1.1)a58 (2.2)b 
Grade—no. (%)1133 (29.9)a372 (25.5)a433 (17.8)b< 0.001
 2255 (57.3)a817 (56.1)a1399 (57.4)a 
 353 (11.9)a266 (18.3)b573 (23.5)c 
Grade of nucleus—no. (%)134 (36.6)a39 (25.7)a195 (14.1)b< 0.001
 251 (54.8)a87 (57.2)a580 (42)b 
 38 (8.6)a26 (17.1)a606 (43.9)b 
In situ component—no. (%)Yes194 (66.9)1049 (69.6)1646 (68.2)0.516
 No96 (33.1)458 (30.4)769 (31.8) 
Tumor necrosis—no. (%)Yes126 (43)a697 (47.3)a1572 (56)b< 0.001
 No167 (57)a776 (52.7)a940 (37.4)b 
Estrogen receptor—no. (%)Positive394 (62.4)a1328 (73.4)b2181 (77.1)c< 0.001
 Negative236 (37.4)a475 (26.3)b643 (22.7)c 
 Unknown1 (0.2)a6 (0.3)a4 (0.1)a 
Progesterone receptor—no. (%)Positive373 (59.5)a1160 (64.3)b1047 (72.6)c< 0.001
 Negative253 (40.4)a636 (35.3)b768 (27.2)c 
 Unknown1 (0.2)a, b8 (0.4)b4 (0.1)a 
HER2—no. (%)Positive12 (24.4)a, b433 (31.5)b695 (26.8)a< 0.001
 Negative22 (44.8)a942 (68.5)b1894 (73)c 
 Unknown15 (30.6)a0b5 (0.2)b 
Chemotherapy before surgery—no. (%)Yes30 (23.1)a106 (23.6)a285 (16.1)b< 0.001
 No100 (76.9)a344 (76.4)a1485 (83.9)b 
Invasion type—no. (%)Vascular33 (6.1)a39 (2.3)b24 (0.9)c 
 Perineural24 (4.4)a90 (5.4)a265 (9.9)b< 0.001
 Lymphatic124 (22.8)a368 (22)a165 (6.2)b 
 All40 (7.4)a135 (8.1)a628 (23.6)b 
 None208 (38.2)a, b699 (41.8)b929 (34.8)a 
 Vascular and perineural14 (2.6)a13 (0.8)b18 (0.7)b 
 Lymphatic and vascular67 (12.3)a262 (15.7)a600 (22.5)b 
 Lymphatic and perineural34 (6.2)a65 (3.9)b37 (1.4)c 
Axillary management—no. (%)AND618 (99.7)a1400 (78.7)b1536 (53.7)c< 0.001
 SLNB2 (0.3)a237 (13.3)b930 (32.5)c 
 AND & SLNB0a143 (8)b394 (13.8)c 
Total no. of involved lymph nodes in dissection 5.70 ± 6.565.65 ± 6.005.95 ± 6.99< 0.001
Type of operation—no. (%)Mastectomy477 (71.8)a1138 (61.8)b1099 (36.7)c< 0.001
 BCS187 (28.2)a704 (38.2)b1893 (63.3)c 
Site of recurrence—no. (%)Bone43 (40.2)b121 (36.4)b111 (45.5)a0.015
 Brain7 (6.5)a21 (6.3)a18 (7.4)a 
 lung16 (15)a60 (18.1)a36 (14.8)a 
 Liver8 (7.5)a56 (16.9)b30 (12.3)a, b 
 Two organs26 (24.3)a55 (16.6)a25 (10.2)b 
 Multiple organs3 (2.8)a9 (2.7)a7 (2.9)a 
 Other organs4 (3.7)a,b10 (3)b17 (7)a 
  1. HER, human epidermal growth receptor; AND, axillary node dissection; SLNB, sentinel lymph node biopsy; BCS, breast conserving surgery
  2. All plus-minus values are means and standard deviation, unless stated otherwise. Superscript alphabets represent the results of the post-hoc test, and accordingly, different alphabets show significant difference between groups. “a” is statistically different from “b” and “c”, “b” is statistically different from “a” and “c”, and “c” is statistically different from “a” and “b”
  3. T, N, and stage were calculated according to the TNM staging system