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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of 12 patients with delayed arteriointestinal fistula after radical gastrectomy in literature review

From: Treatment experience of delayed massive gastrointestinal bleeding caused by intra-abdominal arteriointestinal fistula in gastric cancer patients after radical gastrectomy

Case numberGenderAge (years)Operation typeBleeding time (days)Clinical featureBleeding arterySite of fistulaDiagnostic methodTreatment methodPrognosis
1aMale35DG/B II46Hematemesis, ventosity, shockCommon hepatic arteryDuodenumDSAEmbolismDied
2aMale76DG/R-Y37Tarry stool, hematemesis, shockGastroduodenal arteryDuodenumDSAEmbolismCured
3aMale62DG/B II25Hematemesis, ventosityCommon hepatic arteryDuodenumDSAEmbolism, operationDied
4aMale56DG/B II30Hematemesis, abdominal painProper hepatic arteryDuodenumDSAOperationCured
5aMale70DG/B II26Hematemesis, ventosityGastroduodenal arteryDuodenumDSAOperationDied
6bMale64DG/-30Tarry stool, hematemesis, shockCommon hepatic arteryRemnant stomachDSAEmbolismDied
7cMale52TG/R-Y35Hematemesis, abdominal painSplenic arteryJejunum loopDSAEmbolismCured
8cMale61TG/R-Y37Tarry stool, hematemesis, shockSplenic arteryJejunum loopDSAEmbolismCured
9cMale70TG/R-Y65Tarry stool, hematemesisCommon hepatic arteryDuodenumDSAEmbolismCured
10cMale70DG/R-Y67Fever, tarry stool, abdominal painRight hepatic arteryDuodenumDSAEmbolismCured
11d--DG/B II27Tarry stool, hematemesisGastroduodenal arteryDuodenumExploratory laparotomyOperation, embolismCured
12d--DG/B II30Tarry stool, hematemesisGastroduodenal arteryDuodenumExploratory laparotomyOperation, embolismCured
  1. DG distal gastrectomy, TG total gastrectomy, R-Y Roux-en-Y anastomosis, B II Billroth II anastomosis, DSA digital subtraction angiography
  2. aFive patients were reported by Wang et al. [5]
  3. bOne patient was reported by Satoh et al., the anastomotic method was not indicated [6]
  4. cFour patients were reported by Chen et al. [7]
  5. dTwo patients were reported by Tong et al., the gender and age of which were not indicated [8]