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Table 3 Univariate and multivariate analysis for variables associated with pre-SLR

From: Association of pre-surgery to pre-radiotherapy lymphocyte counts ratio with disease-free survival in rectal cancer patients receiving neoadjuvant concurrent chemoradiotherapy

Clinical factorsUnivariate analysisMultivariable analysis
HR95% CIpHR95% CIp
Age(≤ 60 vs > 60)1.2570.333–4.7420.735   
Sex(F vs M)2.0620.492–8.6540.322   
N status(N+ vs N−)1.2500.299–5.2300.760   
CEA(> 5.0 vs ≤ 5.0)0.6060.158–2.3190.464   
Pre-RTL(L vs H)8.0001.686–37.9810.009   
V5(L vs H)4.4691.054–18.9380.042   
V10(L vs H)2.0410.521–7.9990.306   
V20(L vs H)3.3610.823–13.7220.091   
V30(L vs H)5.7601.317–25.1870.0205.7601.317–25.1870.020
V40(L vs H)3.3610.823–13.7220.091   
Dmean(L vs H)3.3610.823–13.7220.091   
  1. HR, hazard ratio; CI, confidence interval; F, female; M, male; CEA, carcino-embryonic antigen; N, lymph node; N+, lymph node positive; N−, lymph node negtive; pre-SL, absolute lymphocyte counts before surgery; pre-RTL, absolute lymphocyte counts before concurrent chemoradiotherapy; n, no; y, yes; L, low; H, high