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Table 1 Clinical and histopathological findings

From: Mutational spectrum of tobacco associated oral squamous carcinoma and its therapeutic significance

Clinical findingsFrequencyPercent
Site of tumor  
 Buccal Mucosa2452.2
 Lower Alveolus613.0
 Upper Alveolus12.20
 Crossing midline12.20
Number lesion  
Clinical size of tumor (cm)*  
 ≥ 41941.30
 < 42758.70
Extension to adjacent site  
T status  
Clinical nodes  
Comorbid factors  
ECOG performance status  
 CT size (cm)  
  < 41328.30
  ≥ 43371.70
Neck node present2247.80
 Involved adjacent site  
TNM stage (CT)  
Neck dissection
Surgical reconstruction
 Pectoralis major myocutaneous flap1430.40
 Nasolabial flap1328.30
 Buccal pad of fat24.30
 Sternocleidomastoid flap12.20
Histopathological findings
 HPE grade  
  I (well differentiated)2247.80
  II (moderately differentiated)2247.80
  III (poorly differentiated)24.30
T size (cm)  
 ≥ 41123.90
 < 43576.10
Positive margin24.30
Lymphovascular invasion1328.30
Perineural invasion2043.50
Depth of invasion (mm)  
 < 548.70
 ≥ 5 to < 102452.20
 ≥ 101839.10
Pathological stage  
  1. *The largest numeric value of length, breadth, and depth had been considered