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Fig. 2

From: Clinicopathologic features of remnant gastric cancer after curative distal gastrectomy according to previous reconstruction method: a retrospective cohort study

Fig. 2

Schematic figure of remnant stomach and the pattern of RGC according to previous reconstruction methods. Anastomosis sites are apart from suture line (transected line) (a), (c). Most (84.6%) of RGC-B I occurred at non-anastomosis site, especially cardia and PB or MB (b). Most (71.4%) of RGC-B II occurred at anastomosis site with long interval (130 months) (d). RGC, remnant gastric cancer; PB, proximal body; MB, mid-body; RGC-B I, RGC after Billroth I reconstruction; RGC-B II, RGC after Billroth II reconstruction

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