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Table 3 Univariate and multivariate disease-free survival analyses of prognostic factors

From: Indications for extrahepatic bile duct resection due to perineural invasion in patients with gallbladder cancer

 Univariate Multivariate 
Characteristicsp valueHazard ratio95% CIp value
Age years
 < 650.410  NA
 Male0.114  NA
Size (mm)    
 < 350.433  NA
Circumferential tumor location    
 Hepatic side0.073  NA
 No hepatic side    
Tumor location    
 Proximal0.500  NA
EHBD resection    
 No0.352  NA
Liver resection    
 No0.706  NA
Lymphatic invasion    
 No0.056  NA
Vascular invasion    
 Yes 1.4650.201–3.0150.717
T category    
 T2, T3   NA
N category    
 N (-)< 0.001*1  
 N (+) 13.243.759–46.64< 0.001*
Perineural invasion    
 No< 0.001*1  
 Yes 11.962.594–55.14< 0.001*
  1. EHBD, extrahepatic bile duct; CI, confidence interval; NA, not adopted. Significant differences between samples are indicated as *p <0.05