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Table 2 The surgical features and results of the patients in this study

From: Successful use of the left portal vein as graft for middle hepatic vein reconstruction in left hemihepatectomy: preliminary experience on six cases

Patient numberOperation time (min)Blood loss (ml)MorbidityPOHS (days)Graft patency (period)Outcome (period)
1310400None8Patent (35 mo)Alive (41 mo)
2280300None7Patent (32 mo)Alive (37 mo)
3340600Bile leakage9Patent (34 mo)Alive (36 mo)
4290400Pleural effusion11Patent (29 mo)Death (31 mo)
5350500None6Patent (18 mo)Alive (19 mo)
6330400None8Patent (12 mo)Alive (13 mo)
  1. POHS postoperative hospital stay, HIM histological invasion to the MHV, mo months