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Table 2 Reported details of spinal FD treated by VP/PVP/KP

From: Monostotic fibrous dysplasia at C7 treated with vertebroplasty: a case report and review of the literature

ReportsSexAgeLocationType of FDPathological fracture(s)SymptomsTreatmentOutcome (months)
Deen and Fox (2005) [29]F25T8-L2PolyostoticT8, L2Back painT8, T9, T10, L2, PKP, PAsymptomatic (6)
Dang et al. (2007) [30]M35C2, C3, C6PolyostoticC2, C3Neck painC2, C3, PVPAsymptomatic (12)
Kotil and Ozyuvaci (2010) [20]M55C2Monostotic Neck painC2, PVP, AAsymptomatic (12)
Chen et al. (2011) [31]F56T8, T9, T10PolyostoticT8, T9, T10Back painT9, T10, PKP, PAsymptomatic (12)
Wu et al. (2013) [23]M (4)32T5–11PolyostoticT6, T7, T10Back painVP, PAsymptomatic (28)
F (5)38C2, C4, C6, T2-T6, T8, T12PolyostoticT2, T4, T5Back pain, paraparesisLaminectomy, VP (T2-T8), PAsymptomatic (24)
XinF56C7Monostotic Neck painC7, VP, AAsymptomatic (12)
  1. A anterior approach, F female, M male, P posterior approach, VP vertebroplasty, PVP percutaneous vertebroplasty, PKP percutaneous kyphoplasty