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Table 4 Prognostic factors associated with overall survival of HAIC

From: Role and limitation of neoadjuvant hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy in advanced hepatocelluar carcinoma patients with Child-Pugh class A

Risk factors Univariate Multivariate
P value HR (95% CI) P value
Age (years) 0.123   
Gender 0.870   
Total bilirubin (mg/dL) 0.033 1.312 (0.943–1.825) 0.108
Platelet (× 103/mL) 0.342   
Albumin (g/dL) 0.556   
PT (%) 0.153   
AFP (ng/mL) 0.446   
PIVKA-II (m AU/mL) 0.205   
Tumor size 0.446   
Tumor number 0.105   
Previous locoregional treatment 0.528   
PVTT 0.407   
Extrahepatic metastasis 0.595   
HAIC cycle 0.119   
Liver resection after HAIC 0.001 3.480 (1.587-7.630) 0.002
  1. HAIC hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy, HR hazard ratio, CI, confidence interval, PT prothrombin time, AFP alpha-fetoprotein, PIVKA-II proteins induced by vitamin K antagonist-II, PVTT portal vein tumor thrombus, ORR objective response rate