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Table 2 Surgical outcomes of patients undergoing DP-CAR

From: Is hepatic artery coil embolization useful in distal pancreatectomy with en bloc celiac axis resection for locally advanced pancreatic cancer?

Factor DP-CAR (n = 31) Percent
 C–D I, II/C–D III, IV, V 10/21 32.3/67.7
Pancreatic fistula**
 None, grade A/grade B, C 14/17 45.2/54.8
Liver infarction
 Yes/no 8/23 25.8/74.2
Postoperative hospital stay (days) 37 (16–182)  
30-day mortality
 Yes/no 0/31 0/100
90-day mortality
 Yes/no 2/29 6.5/93.5
  1. *According to Clavien–Dindo (C–D) classification (ver. 2.0)
  2. **According to International Study Group of Pancreatic Surgeons