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Table 2 Newcastle-Ottawa quality assessment of the included studies

From: A systematic review of the comparison of the incidence of seeding metastasis between endoscopic biliary drainage and percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage for resectable malignant biliary obstruction

Study Selection Comparability Outcome Scores
Representativeness of the exposed cohort Selection of the non-exposed cohort Ascertainment of exposure Outcome of interest was presented   Assessment of outcome Follow-up long enough for outcomes to occur Adequacy of follow-up of cohorts
Kawakami et al. [10] 8
Hwang et al. [19]   7
Murakami et al. [11]   7
Hirano et al. [12]   7
Komaya et al. [13]   8
Uemura et al. [14]   8
Wiggers et al. [18]     6
Komaya et al. [15] 9
Higuchi et al. [16] 9
Miura et al. [17]   7
  1. Score of the paper got after assessment