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Table 8 Type of metastasis identified on CTC

From: A critical review of the chest CT scans performed to detect asymptomatic synchronous metastasis in new and recurrent breast cancers

Age at presentation Clinical stage Metastasis identified on CTC
48 EBC Lung
55 EBC Bone, lymph node
83 EBC Lung
66 EBC Lung
34 ABC Liver, bone
46 ABC Pleural effusion, bone
41 ABC Pleural effusion, bone, pericardial effusion
79 ABC Lung, bone
78 ABC Pleural effusion, bone
61 ABC Lung, bone, lymph node
59 ABC Lung
84 ABC Pleural effusion
54 RBC Liver, bone, lymph node
47 RBC Bone, mediastinal node
  1. EBC early breast cancer, ABC advanced breast cancer, RBC recurrent breast cancer