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Table 2 Variations of right colic vascular vessels

From: Variations in right colic vascular anatomy observed during laparoscopic right colectomy

Anatomic feature n(%)
Relative spatial relationship of ICA with SMV
 ICA passing SMV anteriorly 29(50.0%)
 ICA passing SMV posteriorly 29(50.0%)
RCV drainage into superior veins
 Single or double RCV draining into GTH (one patient had double RCV draining into GTH) 37(66.1%)
 Single RCV draining into SMV 13(23.2%)
 One RCV draining into GTH and the other RCV draining into SMV 6(10.7%)
Constituent tributaries of GTH
  RGeV, RCV 13(24.5%)
  RGeV, MCV 1(1.9%)
  RGeV, RCV, MCV 5(9.4%)
  RGeV, PDV 5(9.4%)
  RGeV, PDV, RCV 14(26.4%)
  RGeV, PDV, MCV 4(7.5%)
  RGeV, PDV, double RCV 1(1.9%)
  RGeV, PDV, RCV, MCV 10(18.9%)
The distance between MCA bifurcation and the starting point
 ≤ 1 cm 8(15.7%)
 1–2 cm 34(66.7%)
 > 2 cm 9(17.6%)
MCV drainage into superior vein
 MCV draining into GTH 20(35.7%)
MCV draining into SMV
 Double RCV draining into SMV in one patient 27(48.2%)
 One MCV draining into GTH and the other into SMV 7(12.5%)
 One MCV draining into GTH and the other two into SMV 2(3.6%)
  1. GCT gastrocolic trunk; GPCT gastropancreaticocolic trunk; GPT gastropancreatic trunk; GTH gastrocolic trunk of Henle; ICA ileocolic artery; MCA middle colic artery; MCV middle colic vein; PDV pancreaticoduodenal vein; RCV right colic vein; RGeV right gastro-omental vein; SMV superior mesenteric vein