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Table 1 Patients with metastasis to BN from oral cancer

From: Metastasis of lower gingival squamous cell carcinoma to buccinator lymph node: case report and review of the literature

Patient Reference Year of publication Age/gender Site of primary tumor Histology Treatment Outcome Prognosis
Metastasis to BN Primary tumor
1 Tart 1993 ND Buccal mucosa Adenocarcinoma ND ND Controlled NED, 10 m
2 Tart 1993 ND Alveolar (upper or lower were not described) Carcinoma ND ND Uncontrolled LTF
3 Tart 1993 ND Retromolar trigone ND ND ND Controlled DOD
4 Tart 1993 ND Buccal mucosa SCC ND ND Controlled AWD, 3 m
5 Miyazaki 1999 70/M Maxillary alveolar process Plasmacytoma S+RT Controlled Controlled NED, 18 m
6 Kimura 2000 84/F Buccal mucosa SCC Palliative Uncontrolled Uncontrolled DOD, 11 m
7 Kimura 2000 53/M Buccal mucosa SCC S+RT Controlled Controlled NED
8 Kimura 2000 57/M Upper gingiva SCC S Controlled Controlled NED
9 Kimura 2000 78/M Upper gingiva SCC RT Uncontrolled Uncontrolled DOD, 6 m
10 Kimura 2000 75/M Upper gingiva SCC S Uncontrolled Uncontrolled DOD, 10 m
11 Maruoka 2005 79/M Buccal mucosa SCC S+RT Controlled Controlled DOD, 8 y
12 Maruoka 2005 80/M Buccal mucosa SCC S Controlled Controlled DOD, 11 m
13 Present case 2018 67/F Lower gingiva SCC CT+S+CRT Controlled Controlled NED, 2 y
  1. Abbreviations: BN buccinator lymph node, M male, F female, SCC squamous cell carcinoma, ND not described, S surgery, RT radiotherapy, CT chemotherapy, CRT chemo-radiotherapy, AWD alive with disease, DOD death from disease, LTF lost to follow-up, NED no evidence of disease
  2. Excisional biopsy of buccinator lymph node
  3. Numbers are length of follow-up in years (y) and months (m)