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Table 1 Previous reported cases of Liposarcoma of the gallbladder

From: Dedifferentiated liposarcoma of the gallbladder: first reported case

Author Age Sex Type Therapy Prognosis
Our case 71 F DL Cholecystectomy + resection of segments IV-B and V of the liver Alive without signs of recurrence 8 months after surgery
Ma et al. [3] 70 F MLS Cholecystectomy Not described
Hamada et al. [9] 49 F PL Cholecystectomy Recurrence and metastasis to the liver. Alive 3 years and 6 months after the first operation
Bader and Vallon [10] 79 M MLS Cholecystectomy Peritoneal dissemination. Died 2 years after the first operation
Husain et al. [2] 64 F MLS aChemotherapy bPatient died of the disease
Husain et al. [2] 70 F MLS Not described Not described
  1. aNot specified if associated or not to a cholecystectomy
  2. bNot specified how long after the diagnosis