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Table 1 Cancers of the intrathoracic lymph nodes with unknown primary site

From: Lymph node cancer of the mediastinum with a putative necrotic primary lesion in the lung: a case report

Case Author Age (years) Sex Smoking history Histology Elevated TMs Location Treatment Adjuvant treatment Follow-up (months) Outcome
1 Morita Y 56 Male + SQ None Med LB and LND None 20 Alive without recurrence
2 Kohdono S 67 Male + LA None Med Tumor resection RTx 6 Died of recurrence
3 Kohdono S 58 Female + LA CEA Med LB and LND RTx 6 Alive with recurrence
4 Kohdono S 56 Male + Small SCC rt. Hilum LB and LND None 16 Alive without recurrence
5 Blanco N 56 Male + SQ no data Med Tumor resection CRT No data Alive without recurrence
6 Kawasaki H 69 Male No data LA CEA rt. Hilum LB and LND None 20 Alive without recurrence
7 Tomita M 56 Male + SQ SCC lt. Hilum Tumor resection None 32 Alive without recurrence
8 Miwa K 72 Male + SQ CEA Med LND RTx 82 Alive without recurrence
9 Miwa K 78 Male + AD CEA Med LND RTx 44 Alive without recurrence
10 Miwa K 70 Male + SQ None Med CRT N/A 33 Alive without disease progression
11 Miwa K 76 Male + Undifferentiated CEA Med CRT N/A 24 Alive without disease progression
12 Shiota Y 69 Male + AD CEA Med CRT N/A 22 Alive without disease progression
13 Harada H 83 Female No data AD NSE Med Tumor resection None 38 Alive without recurrence
14 Watanabe N 55 Female AD CEA Med ALK-TKI N/A 3 Alive without disease progression
15 Kim M.J. 59 Male + SQ None rt. Hilum PN and LND CRT No data Alive without recurrence
16 Kawasaki H 40 Male + AD CEA Med LB and LND None 126 Alive with recurrence
17 Yamasaki M 67 Male + AD CEA Med EGFR-TKI N/A 8 Alive without disease progression
18 Present case 56 Male + AD CEA Med LND CRT 32 Alive without recurrence
  1. TM tumor marker, AD adenocarcinoma, SQ squamous cell carcinoma, LA large cell carcinoma, Undif undifferentiated carcinoma, SCC squamous cell carcinoma antigen, CEA carcinoembryonic antigen, NSE neuron-specific enolase, Med mediastinum, LB lobectomy, LND lymph node dissection, PN pneumonectomy, CRT chemoradiation therapy, ALK anaplastic lymphoma kinase, EGFR epidermal growth factor receptor, TKI tyrosine kinase inhibitor, RTx radiation therapy