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Table 3 Long-term functional and oncological outcome

From: Kidney autotransplantation after nephrectomy and work bench surgery as an ultimate approach to nephron-sparing surgery

  Number Median Range
 Follow-up (months) 12 83.5 [9–477]
 Patients deceased during follow-up (months) 6a [9–246]
 Patients lost to follow-up 1 After 69 months with graft function
Functional outcome and follow-up
 Pat. needed hemodialysis at last follow-up 1 105 months after surgery due to nephrectomy for local recurrence at the autotransplanted kidney
 Cumulative months without hemodialysis on follow-up, or till death with functioning graft 12 1424 months
Oncological outcome and follow-up
 Recurrence or metastasis 5 cases
 Tumor-related death 2 cases
 RCC progression 1 case
 RCC or UTUC local recurrence 4 cases Resection of UTUC in ureter or nephrectomy or partial nephrectomy of autotransplanted kidney
 Patients on systemic therapy 1 Pazopanib for met. RCC
 Disease-free survival (months)   48 [12–72]
  1. aAll patients died with functioning grafts