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Table 2 Summary from a review of the current literature involving appendiceal mucocele and endometriosis, involving a total of 12 studies and 13 cases

From: Low-grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasm and endometriosis of the appendix

Author, year N, age History of Endometriosis? Clinical presentation Diagnostic evaluation Pathological diagnosis Location of appendiceal endometriosis Operative management
Abrao, 2005 1, 32 No CAP US SM MPS ICR
Akagi, 2008 1, 35 No Anemia Colonoscopy SM, AI MPS LA, PC
Driman, 2000 2, #1 No #1 CAP #1 Colonoscopy #1 SM #1 MPS #1 RH, OC
#1 34 #2 No #2 CAP and infertility #2 DL #2 SM #2 MPS #2 LA
#2 31
Hapke, 1977 1, 31 No Dysmenorrhea EL SM MPS EL, OA
Kimura, 1999 1, 41 No AAP and vomiting EL SM, AI MPS EL, OA
Klingbeil, 2017 1, 57 Yes CAP CT, Colonoscopy LAMN MPS LA
Kohout, 1960 1, 44 No Menorrhagia Clinical SM MPS TAH, OA
Miyakura, 2012 1, 56 No Positive FOBT Colonoscopy, CT, MRI SM, Ruptured MPS ICR
Nopajaroonsri, 1994 1, 22 No AAP and vomiting Clinical SM MPS OA
O’Sullivan, 2001 1, 31 No Right flank pain Urogram, US, CT SM MPS ICR
Shemilt, 1949 1, 47 Yes AAP Clinical SM MPS ICR
Tsuda, 2013 1, 43 No Dysmenorrhea CT, MRI, Colonoscopy SM MPS ICR
  1. AAP acute abdominal pain, AI appendiceal intussusception, CAP chronic abdominal pain, CT computed tomography, DL diagnostic laparoscopy, EL exploratory laparotomy, FOBT fecal occult blood test, ICR ileocecal resection, LA laparoscopic appendectomy, LAMN low-grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasm, MPSA muscularis propria and serosa, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, OC ovarian cystectomy, OA open appendectomy, PC partial cecectomy, RH right hemicolectomy, SM simple mucocele, TAH total abdominal hysterectomy, US ultrasound