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Table 2 The GO_BP terms and pathways enriched for the upregulated genes (A) and the downregulated genes (B) involved in the most significant modules. GO, Gene Ontology; BP, biological process

From: Integrated network analysis to explore the key genes regulated by parathyroid hormone receptor 1 in osteosarcoma

Category Term Count P value Gene symbol
GO_BP GO:0002376~immune system process 8 1.63E−07 C1QA, C1QB, CD86, LY86, FCGR1, THEMIS2, C1QC, CLEC4N
GO:0045576~mast cell activation 4 3.83E−07 CD48, FYB, FCGR2B, FCGR3
GO:0045087~innate immune response 7 4.62E−06 C1QA, C1QB, CYBB, LY86, FCGR1, C1QC, CLEC4N
GO:0006911~phagocytosis, engulfment 4 1.86E−05 FCGR2B, AIF1, FCGR1, FCGR3
GO:0006954~inflammatory response 5 5.96E−04 CYBB, AIF1, LY86, THEMIS2, CCL6
PATHWAY mmu05150:Staphylococcus aureus infection 7 2.59E−10 C1QA, C1QB, FCGR2B, FCGR4, FCGR1, C1QC, FCGR3
mmu05322:Systemic lupus erythematosus 6 6.02E−06 C1QA, C1QB, CD86, FCGR4, FCGR1, C1QC
mmu04145:Phagosome 6 1.37E−05 CYBB, FCGR2B, FCGR4, CTSS, FCGR1, FCGR3
mmu05152:Tuberculosis 6 1.45E−05 FCGR2B, IL10RA, FCGR4, CTSS, FCGR1, FCGR3
mmu04380:Osteoclast differentiation 5 8.03E−05 CYBB, FCGR2B, FCGR4, FCGR1, FCGR3
GO_BP GO:0016125~sterol metabolic process 8 4.60E−14 CYP51, LDLR, HMGCR, FDPS, HMGCS1, SREBF2, SC4MOL, DHCR24
GO:0008202~steroid metabolic process 9 5.23E−14 CYP51, LDLR, HMGCR, FDPS, HMGCS1, LSS, SREBF2, SC4MOL, DHCR24
GO:0008203~cholesterol metabolic process 7 6.80E−12 CYP51, LDLR, HMGCR, FDPS, HMGCS1, SREBF2, DHCR24
GO:0006694~steroid biosynthetic process 7 7.42E−12 CYP51, HMGCR, FDPS, HMGCS1, LSS, SC4MOL, DHCR24
GO:0016126~sterol biosynthetic process 6 1.69E−11 CYP51, HMGCR, FDPS, HMGCS1, SC4MOL, DHCR24
PATHWAY mmu00100:Steroid biosynthesis 5 1.10E−08 CYP51, SQLE, LSS, SC4MOL, DHCR24
mmu00900:Terpenoid backbone biosynthesis 3 2.46E−04 HMGCR, FDPS, HMGCS1