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Table 1 Review of clinical and pathological data of gingival metastasis from gastric cancer

From: Successful management of rare gingival metastasis from gastric adenocarcinoma: a case report and literature review

First author Year Sex/age Site of gingiva mts Time relation between primary tumor and mts Histology Other mts Treatment Follow-up
Lund [20] 1968 F/63 Mandibular Synchronous Undiff. Yes Surgery Died, 2 weeks
Astacio [21] 1969 M/58 Mandibular Synchronous Poorly ND Chemotherapy Died, 4 months
Ohba [22] 1974 M/51 Mandibular Synchronous Poorly Yes Radiotherapy Died, 7 months
Lopez [23] 1976 F/65 Maxilla 3 weeks before primary Poorly Yes None Died, few days
Osaki [24] 1978 M/59 Maxilla ND Well ND Surgery ND
Tojo [25] 1989 M/69 Mandibular ND Well ND Chemotherapy Died, 5 months
Hamakawa [26] 1993 M/56 Mandibular ND Moderately Yes Surgery Died, 4 months
Florio [27] 1995 M/66 Maxilla 3 months after primary Moderately No Radiotherapy Died, few weeks
Makino [28] 1997 M/60 Mandibular ND ND ND Chemotherapy Died, 4 months
Yajima [29] 1999 M/65 Maxilla ND Well No Surgery ND
Shimoyama [30] 2004 M/56 Mandibular 15 months after primary Poorly Yes None Died, 3 months
Colombo [17] 2005 F/61 Maxilla 7 months before primary Undiff. No Radiochemo-therapy Died, 15 months
Kwon [31] 2006 M/65 Mandibular Synchronous Poorly No None Died, 3 months
Nishide [32] 2006 F/82 Mandibular 4 years after primary Well Yes Surgery ND
Hwang [33] 2007 M/58 Maxilla 4 years after primary ND Yes Chemotherapy ND
Sauerborn [16] 2011 M/70 Mandibular 3 months after primary Moderately Yes Surgery Died, 3 months
Guo [34] 2012 F/62 Mandibular 2 years after primary Poorly Yes None Died, 6 months
Kalaitsidou [35] 2015 M/71 Mandibular 2 years after primary Poorly ND Surgery ND
Current case 2017 M/75 Maxilla 2.5 years after primary Poorly Yes Radiochemotherapy Alive, in progress
  1. F female, M male, Mts metastasis, ND not defined, undiff undifferentiated