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Table 1 Clinical courses of SCC-1 and SCC-2

From: Two different protein expression profiles of oral squamous cell carcinoma analyzed by immunoprecipitation high-performance liquid chromatography

Patient Age Sex Size (cm) Location Stage Adjuvant therapy Operation Follow-up Recurrence
SCC-1 65 M 4 × 6 Lt Mn pT4N0M0 PORT Partial mandibulectomy, SOHND, R-plate with RFFF reconstruction 3 years and 6 months None
SCC-2 69 M 2 × 3 Lt Mx pT3aN0M0 PORT Extended maxillectomy, SOHND, local flap with buccal fat graft 4 years Neck metastasis
  1. SCC squamous cell carcinoma, Lt left, Mx maxilla, Mn mandible, PORT post-operative radiation therapy, SOHND supraomohyoid neck dissection, RFFF radial forearm free flap