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Table 4 Univariate analysis of risk factors that may impact overall survival

From: Predictive factors of prolonged mechanical ventilation, overall survival, and quality of life in patients with post-thymectomy myasthenic crisis

Variables p value Hazard ratio (95.0% CI for HR)
Osserman’s classification 0.017 8.723 (1.464–51.955)a
MGFA classification 0.007 3.562 (1.418–8.945)b
DMV 0.005 1.007 (1.002–1.012)c
Clavien-Dindo classification 0.033 1.990 (1.057–3.746)d
Drainage 0.010 1.002 (1.001–1.004)e
  1. We defined “status = 1” as the event of death and “time” as the survival duration
  2. Statistical powers of the Cox model were evaluated by using XLSTAT (Addinsoft Inc., New York, NY, USA) and presented as follows: (a) 1.000, (b) 1.000, (c) 0.473, (d) 0.962, and (e) 0.469