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Table 4 The hospital control’s details

From: Association between MPO-463G > A polymorphism and cancer risk: evidence from 60 case-control studies

Author Year details
Matsuo 2001 Outpatients without any history of cancer
Matsuo 2001 Non-cancer controls
Xu 2002 Friends or spouses of patients (with either lung cancer or other cardiothoracic problems), with no matching characteristics
Krajinovic 2002 Selected from a large institutional DNA bank. Care was taken to match the patient population by selecting controls of French-Canadian origin served by Sainte-Justine Hospital
Kantarct 2002 Without diagnosis of lung cancer
Feyler 2002 Frequency matched on age, sex, and hospital, consisted of all consecutive Caucasian patients without previous or current malignant diseases
Dally 2002 Had no previous or present history of malignant diseases: the main diagnoses included alveolitis, bronchitis,pneumonia, fibrosis,sarcoidosis, COPD and emphysema
Chevriera 2001 All subjects hospitalized for different disorders except cancer
Chana 2004 Had no history of pulmonary diseases, and were receiving health evaluation for other reasons and matched for sex and age with the lung cancer patients
Hung 2004 Patients admitted to the same hospitals during the same period of time, with urological non-neoplastic diseases, including hydronephrosis, urolithiasis, malformative urological diseases, prostatic adenoma, and hypertrophia, urological traumas, orchiepididymitis, hydrocele and unspecified urinary symptoms
Schabath 2005 Healthy controls frequency matched to the cases on age (±5 years), gender,ethnicity, and smoking status (current, former, and never)
Park 2006 Healthy volunteers
Larsen 2006 Controls consisted of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) but without lung cancer (n ¼ 380), treated at the same hospital from 1998 to 2003, or healthy smokers attending a smoking cessation clinic held at the hospital from 2000 to 2003
Zhang 2007 No known malignant diseases
Yanga 2007 Healty individuals without lung cancer or any other cancer
Oliveira 2007 Individuals admitted in the Pediatric department of the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil without osteosarcoma
Mustea 2007 The control group consisted of similarly aged women with no history of cancer and all of them were treated for benign gynecological diseases. None of them had previously undergone a hysterectomy
Yoon 2008 Healthy control
Price 2008 Healthy controls were frequency matched for age and sex. The controls were healthy nonblood-related family members (usually spouses) and friends of other cancer/surgical patients and were used as a shared set of controls for aerodigestive cancers
Choi 2008 Free of both prostate cancer and lung cancer
Saygilii 2009 Healthy volunteers and No one in the control group had a smoking history or chronic use of any drugs
Klinchid 2009 Healthy volunteers and diabetic patients
Wu 2010 With the same habits and without a present or previous history of any cancer
Hsieh 2010 Non-leiomyoma
Guo 2010 Spouse or geographically matched residents who were EBV/IgA/VCA positive (IgA+) or EBV/IgA/ VCA negative (IgA-) and NPC free at the time of study enrollment
Nahon 2011 HCV-induced cirrhosis
Wang 2011 Non-cancer controls
Li 2011 Healthy had no current or previous diagnosis of cancer and genetic disease
Li 2011 Diagnosed as normal by histopathology of ophageal squamous epithelial cells
Arslan 2011 Healthy individuals without any history of cancer
Jang 2012 Individuals without gastic cancer
Carmo 2012 They had persistent anti-HCV antibodies and were HCVRNA positive. Presence of hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and immunodeficiency virus (HIV) antibodies were considered as exclusion criteria
Tefik 2013 Normal DRE and serum PSA levels of <4 ng/mL
Bag 2014 Normal healthy individuals with no history of cancer
Kiyohara 2014 Without a clinical history of any type of cancer past or present, ischemic heart disease or chronic respiratory diseases