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Table 5 World literature of population-based studies on the epidemiology of primary spine osseous tumor

From: Epidemiological characteristics of primary spinal osseous tumors in Eastern China

  This study Simon P. Kelley S. Boriani
Author’s country China UK Italy
Year of publication 2016 2007 1995
Period of study 1995–2015 (20 years) 1958–2000 (42 years) 1946–1992 (46 years)
No. of cases 1209 127 366
Gender Male: 695 Female:514 Male: 66 Female:61 Not reported
Predominant presenting symptom Pain Pain Not reported
Percentage of benign tumors 64.5% 22.8% 56.8%
Percentage of malignant tumors 35.5% 77.2% 43.2%
Most common type of benign tumors Hemangioma Osteoblastoma (7/127) Eosinophilic granuloma
Most common type of malignant tumors Chordoma Plasma cell myeloma Plasma cell myeloma
Most common segment of spine affected Thoracic spine (479/1256)a Thoracic spine (48/127) Lumbar spine (181/366)
Mean age at presentation (range) 39.3 ± 16.8 (range 8–81 years) 42 (range 7–76 years) Not reported
  1. aMore than two anatomical position involved in the same patient