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Table 1 The enriched biological processes by the differentially expressed genes

From: Exploring the FGFR3-related oncogenic mechanism in bladder cancer using bioinformatics strategy

GO term Biological process_name Count p value
a) Upregulated genes
 “GO:0006355” “regulation of transcription, DNA dependent” 260 1.50E−06
 “GO:0048519” “negative regulation of biological process” 282 1.69E−06
 “GO:0034340” “response to type I interferon” 17 1.42E−05
 “GO:0048514” “blood vessel morphogenesis” 56 2.42E−05
 “GO:0060429” “epithelium development” 67 0.000125
b) Downregulated genes
 “GO:0007067” “mitosis” 132 0
 “GO:0007346” “regulation of mitotic cell cycle” 64 0
 “GO:0051301” “cell division” 107 0
 “GO:0019752” “carboxylic acid metabolic process” 145 4.31E−13
 “GO:0051320” “S phase” 68 2.78E−12