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Table 1 Patient characteristics (n = 4)

From: Tumor resection at the pelvis using three-dimensional planning and patient-specific instruments: a case series

Case Age (y) Sex Tumor Location Surgery Chemotherapy Follow-up (mths) Planning Osteotomy Tumor-free margin Metastasis Precision (max error (cm)) Complication
1 14 F Ewing sarcoma Ilium Resection Yesa 6 3-D Freehand Yes No 2.8 No
2 42 M Giant cell tumor SI joint Resection and curettage No 9 Print-out Freehand NAb No NAb Yesc
3 53 M Chondrosarcoma Gluteus maximus Resection No 7 Print-out Freehand Yes No NAb Yesd
4 51 M Chondrosarcoma Ilium and hip joint Resection No 9 3-D and print-out PSI Yes No 0.4 Yesc
  1. y years, mths months, max maximal, cm centimeters, F female, M male, 3-D three-dimensional, SI sacroiliac, NA not applicable, PSI patient-specific instrument
  2. aNeoadjuvant and adjuvant
  3. bDue to curettage. Subjectively better precision than 3-D planning and worse precision than PSI
  4. cAsymptomatic insufficiency fracture of the inferior pubic ramus
  5. dSubacute, ischemic infarction of the left cuneus with severe headaches and homonymous hemianopsia