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Table 3 The visceral resections and parietal peritonectomy procedures conducted during primary debulking surgery (PDS)

From: En bloc pelvic resection for advanced ovarian cancer preceded by central ligation of vessels supplying the tumor bed: a description of surgical technique and a feasibility study

Type of peritonectomy Provided resections No. of patients
Pelvic peritonectomy Uterus, ovaries, and rectosigmoid colon 20
Left upper quadrant peritonectomy Greater omentectomy 20
Splenectomy 4
Diaphragm: stripping/resection 1
Right upper quadrant peritonectomy Tumor on Glisson’s capsule of the liver 1
Diaphragm: stripping/resection 4
Anterior parietal peritonectomy Old abdominal incisions, umbilicus 0
epigastric fat pad 0
Omental bursectomy Gallbladder and lesser omentum 0
Type of lymhadenectomy Selective PALND/PLND 10
  Systematic PALND/PLND 2