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Table 2 The technical details in detection of miR-21 expression

From: Prognostic value of microRNA-21 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: a meta-analysis

Study Sample size Sample Sample technique Method Endogenous control Cutoff
Dillhoff 80 FFPE MDS ISH RNU6 Score > 1
Giovannetti a 28 Tissue MDS RT-PCR RNU43 Median
Giovannetti b 31 Tissue MDS RT-PCR RNU44 Median
Hwang 82 FFPE MDS RT-PCR RNU66 or RNU43 Median
Jamieson 48 FT NR RT-PCR RNU6 Median
Liu 38 Serum   RT-PCR NR NR
Nagao 65 FFPE NR RT-PCR RNU6 Mean
Wang 177 Serum   RT-PCR RNU7 Median
Kadera 145 FFPE NR ISH RNU6 Median
Papaconstantinou 88 FFPE NR RT-PCR RNU6 Mean
Ma 78 FT NR RT-PCR RNU6 ≥2-fold change
Dhayat 91 FFPE NR RT-PCR NR Mean
Khan 12 Serum   ISH NR Median
  1. FFPE formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded, FT frozen tissue, MD microdissected sample, ISH in situ hybridization, qRT-PCR quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction assay, NR not reported