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Table 2 Cases with neoplasia during postoperative surveillance

From: Incidence of neoplasias and effectiveness of postoperative surveillance endoscopy for patients with ulcerative colitis: comparison of ileorectal anastomosis and ileal pouch-anal anastomosis

  Age at onset (years) Age at first surgery (years) Indication Surgical technique Age at second surgery (years) Surgical technique Neoplasia at surveillance Final TNM or dysplasia grade Follow-up from last surgery
1 29 33 Intractable IRA 41 APR HGD T1N0M0 23 years, no rec
2 57 58 Intractable IRA 77 IPAA LGD T1N0M0 7 years, no rec
3 22 24 Intractable IRA 47 IPAA LGD HGD 8 years, no rec
4 42 43 Severe/emergency IRA 56 TAR HGD HGD 4 years, no rec
5 56 58 Intractable IRA    LGD 5 years, LGD
6 54 57 Intractable IPAA    LGD 8 years, NEG
  1. In one patient, HGD was detected in the ileal pouch 2 years after IPAA, which proved to be a recurrence via dissemination
  2. IRA ileorectal anastomosis, IPAA ileal pouch-anal anastomosis, APR abdominoperitoneal resection, TAR transanal resection, HGD high-grade dysplasia, LGD low-grade dysplasia, NEG negative for dysplasia, rec recurrence