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Table 4 Comparison of initial 10 patients and last 10 patients in intraoperative blood loss, operative time, and patient satisfaction

From: Single posterior approach for circumferential decompression and anterior reconstruction using cervical trabecular metal mesh cage in patients with metastatic spinal tumour

Case Blood loss (ml) Operative time (min) Macnab criteria
Initial 10 cases 1575.0 ± 446.7a 300.5 ± 41.8a Gb
Last 10 cases 1045.0 ± 217.9a 230.5 ± 47.6a Gb
P value 0.007 0.005 0.654
  1. F female, M male, L lumbar spine, T thoracic spine, VBR vertebral body replacement
  2. amean ± standard deviation
  3. bmedian