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Table 1 List of recently published case reports with HPCs in the abdomen

From: Large hemangiopericytoma of the pelvis—towards a multidisciplinary approach

Author Year Localization Embolization Morbidity Mortality Follow-up (in months)
Manatakis et al. 2015 Liver (metb) No None None N.a
Vetorazzo et al. 2015 Kidney (pria) No None None 7
Hu et al. [24] 2014 Kidney (pri) No None None 12
Bokshan et al. 2012 Liver (met) No None None N.a.
Asano et al. 2012 Pelivs (pri) Yes None None 3
Katsuno et al.[25] 2011 Pelvis (pri) No None None 24
  1. Follow-up indicates time of recurrent-free-survival
  2. aPrimary
  3. bMetastasis