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Table 3 Characteristics of the eleven patients with recurrent disease

From: Surveillance for early stages of colon cancer: potentials for optimizing follow-up protocols

Patient Initial stage Adjuvant chemotherapy after surgery Site of recurrence Presence of symptoms Timing of recurrence (months) Diagnostic tool
1 I No Liver No 6 CEUS and CT
2 I No Local and lung No 24 CEUS and CT
3 IIA No Lung No 48 CT
4 IIA No Liver No 18 CEUS and CT
5 IIA Yes Lung No 18 CT
6 IIA + I No Liver No 18 CT
7 IIA No Liver Abdominal pain 42 CEUS and CT
8 IIA Yes Lung No 24 CT
9 IIA No Local No 12 CT
10 I No Local No 12 Colonoscopy
11 IIB No Liver No 12 CT
  1. CEUS contrast-enhanced ultrasound
  2. CT computed tomography