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Table 4 Fusion genes identified in NSLN positive samples

From: Molecular biomarkers screened by next-generation RNA sequencing for non-sentinel lymph node status prediction in breast cancer patients with metastatic sentinel lymph nodes

Gene Chrom Sample ID Reads #
WAC-DNAJC1 chr10-chr10 fr 94812 43
ENSG00000211648(IGLV1-47)-IGLL5 chr22-chr22 ff 94812 55
ENSG00000211651(IGLV1-44)-IGLL5 chr22-chr22 ff 94812 110
ENSG00000211653(IGLV1-40)-IGLL5 chr22-chr22 ff 94812 65
ENSG00000211655(IGLV1-36)-IGLL5 chr22-chr22 ff 94812 70
ENSG00000230613(HM13-AS1)-HM13 chr20-chr20 rf 94812 20
SSB-ENSG00000236852(RP11-3D23.1) chr2-chrX rr 94812 28
PDE3A-SLCO5A1 chr12-chr8 rr 76948 9
ENSG00000226958(CTD-2328D6.1)-HFM1 chrX-chr1 rr 76948 50
CACNG4-RANBP3 chr17-chr19 ff 86923 24
  1. fr stands for fusion occurring between forward strand in the first chromosome with reverse strand in the second chromosome. ff stands for fusion occurring between forward strands in both chromosomes. rr stands for fusion occurring between reverse strands in both chromosomes