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Table 2 Summary of risk factors for CBC and levels of evidence [8]

From: The Manchester guidelines for contralateral risk-reducing mastectomy

Family history—<45 years with a first-degree relative (RR 2.5)
—<55 years with first degree relative (RR 1.5)
—first degree relative with bilateral disease (RR 3.5)
Level II evidence (Reiner AS JCO—2013) [18]
Gene mutation status—BRCA1/2 mutation (RR4)
Level II evidence (Metcalfe 2004 JCO; Evans 2013) [4, 25]
Chest radiotherapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma—rate of CBC unknown
Young age at diagnosis—<30 years 0.5–1.3 % annual CBC rate
Level II evidence (Nichols, Lacey JCO 2011) [2]
ER status—ER positive (reference point RR 1)
—ER negative (RR 1.3)
Level II evidence [26]
Anti-endocrine treatment (risk reduction), tamoxifen 50 %
Aromatase inhibitor 70 %
Level I evidence [27, 28]
DCIS—0.6 % annual CBC risk of DCIS and/or invasive carcinoma
(RR 1.0)
Level I evidence [21]
Lobular histology combined with family history (RR2.0)
Oophorectomy under 40 years (risk reduction) (RR0.5)
Early menopause <45 year (risk-reduction)—published as abstract [29]